Set “Magic Wax Triangles – Step by Step”, 12 Templates, 12 Wax Triangles, brochure

Artikel nr.: RC-5007500-DE


  • from 2+
  • In plastic re- sealable container (height 13 cm, ø11cm)

The bucket contains:

  • 12 pieces of MAGIC Triangular Wax Crayons
  • 12 pieces of mixed Stencils
  • Craft Instruction Booklet

Features of MAGIC Triangular Wax Crayons:

  • They do not stick to the hands, and do not rub off on them
  • They do not leave wax pellets or crumbs on paper
  • They do not break
  • They have good colouring properties

The triangular shape allows drawing to be done with the top , side and face of the crayons.

Wax crayons on paper create a continuous glossy layer and thus turn ordinary office paper into decorative ones. For example, with them you can create exclusive requrements, photo albums, origami, etc.

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Manufacturer: MOROCOLOR ITALIA S.p.A., RICO.CZ s.r.o.

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